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The three principal members of AVM Solutions have a combined 90+ years of experience in the aviation and aerospace industries. The decision by the Kelowna Flightcraft Group to divest itself of its international operations provided a key opportunity to two members of its executive management team (Bob Monaghan and Mike Sizeland) to purchase Kelowna Flightcraft Modifications Ltd. and change the way the company approached the marketplace.

Correlating with the change in corporate name to AVM (Kelowna) Inc., we are fully determined to provide solutions that will meet the requirements, time frames, and funding cycles of our customers. You tell us what your end goal is and we can direct you on the best way to achieve that goal. We strive to ensure that the solution will be implemented to achieve your goal is not only achievable by AVM Solutions but achievable within the time frame and economic constraints requirements by you.

In order to ensure that the decision to purchase Kelowna Flightcraft Modifications Ltd. was the correct decision, both for themselves and the marketplace, Mike and Bob determined that Steve Davidson of Colonial Aerospace Group would be the ideal third ‘partner’ for AVM Solutions to ensure it can provide practice, economic, and safe solutions that are needed by its customers.